8EST Live Con Review

First time doing such a review… Here's to hoping I don't screw it up too badly, haha.

Got my 8EST DVD last week and watch it all on a Sunday. MY GOSH, I was fangirling the entire time!! It's too cute! Too great!! Too awesome!! Too many rainbows!!! It can be an exercise on it's own, watching a Kanjani8's Live. Songs you do not expect pop up and songs you love are in there! Plus the BAND.  \(*T▽T*)/

Let's get started. Warning, screenshots and comments might be bias. しょがないです。 (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) Post might be screenshot heavy as I have no idea where to stop screen-shooting…


2012.09.29. Weather : Raining
Wow, I know this does happens to an outdoor live but I myself dislike rain, so when I saw this, I started hoping that it will not dampen (pardon the pun, can't help it  (≧∇≦)) the performance and the feeling of the audience watching.


And we are shown a clip starting with a Cicada underground…


2004, Summer, Osaka


In a certain store..


Who's that?


Yuchin! Acting Cool!

Age : 23
And he flirts a little while ordering his usual.
And we got our 1st one.

Shaved ice!! Whose though?

Never steal ice from Yasu.
Age : 19. No change at all Yasu.
And we got our 2nd member. Who's next?

Of course! Can't think of a better way to introduce Ryo.

And he look so happy when he hit the prize!
Age : 19
3rd member shown!

Just when Ryo turns to walk…

… Tatsu screams!!
O(≧∇≦)O What have you done Ryo??

"Uh oh…"

"NOooooooo "
And this is really in epic slow motion.
Poor Tatsu, I hate to be in his spot when I'm really playing with domino, this is the worst thing that can happen.

Age : 19
Awwwww. I love this hair of his. Really, I do. He looks so young and cute in it.
And here goes our 4th member.

And because of the racket they made, especially by Tacchon screaming in epic slow motion, they got scolded by none other then…

Age : 22
Before Proactive? Oh dear.  (≧▽≦)
5th Member でた!

Retro 2004 arcade game!

And of course, Hina scolds in voice that is enough to cause…

Baru to in turn, scolds him for being so noisy that he can't focus on his ukulele.
Age : 22
And our 6th member appears! In Red! 1 more to go!

Yep, that's the book he's reading.

Our dear Maru!
Age : 20
And our last Kanjani8's member to appear!
Who also ask them to be quiet. Vicious cycle much?

You ask for more.

Yasu ask for more.

Ryo ask for more..

While Tacchon quietly and sulky rearrange his dominoes…
Having enough of Kanjani8's racket (not me), the shopkeeper yells at them.

Shocked, they all faced her.
" Stop yai yai yai yai yai-ing! "

And we got an intro to the shopkeeper.
Now we got a face and a name. Obachan!
" Children play outside, adults work, just choose one! Pull yourself together! "

To which Kanjani8 feels a little ashamed.

As Hina continues and gets a huge "GAME OVER" screen, we get the usual "Nandeyanen mo!" from him.

" Will I continue like this….? "

" Are we able to do great things with a splash? "
Sorry if I have any wrong translation, still learning and is relativity new at translating. I know what it means in Japanese, but I have trouble turning it into English.

Aww, Ryo remembers Tacchon!

Yay Tacchon! So easy to bribe.  (≧▽≦)
His comment got a reaction from Yasu. "Hmm, I wonder. Like to do a concert…

"… In front of lots of audiences. "

The TV in the shop shows scenes from Kanjani8's previous concert. Tv of the future?? I would like one!

" A concert? Sounds good.. "

" To act in a skit.. "

And we got footage from the 47 con!

" Or to became Heroes. "
" Why Heroes? "
Haha, poor You got tsukomi by Hina. Aww, that innocent smiling face when You's looking at the figures.
Is that Captain Silver I see?

Of course, trust TV from the future shows us… EITO RANGERS!!
" Ah..Heroes? " In which Ryo proceeds to do the pose.

" Or to appear in movies. "

AH!! I am so loving this TV! It shows us the rare Green Ranger attack ' Scissors Legs'!
" Movie's impossible! "
Aww, why so pessimist, Yasu? And Hina, don't agree with him!

" You never know, it might happen! "
You go, Yoko!
" When? Tomorrow? "
Baru… not tomorrow, NOW.

" After 8 years… "

" After 8 years?? "
Nice harmony guys.

" ほら。 This Cicada took 8 years to transform."
Hina : " After 8 years…. "
Baru : " 2012… ? "
Maru : " I don't know… I don't know why but… It will be totally different from now. We can slap our chest and say, this is us! "
All : " …….. "

Yoko : " What are you talking about? "
The rest then proceed to explode in laughter.

Bittersweet feelings for me. I do think this is how they think in the beginning of their career, that having a movie, a successful concert is kind of impossible. You really did hang in there guys.

Tatsu : " Why a Cicada as example? "
Hina : " I can't understand you. "
Maru : " Ah… Erm… Cicada takes 8 years… "
Rest : Laughs
Hina : " Because a Cicada takes 8 years but we might not. "
Tatsu : " Isn't that number in the middle of no where? "
(This I agree, if not for the fact that Kanjani8 have a 8 in them, 8 years does sounds strange. Usually it's 5 or 10 or 15.)
Tatsu : " I don't know why, but let's just leave it at that. "
You : " Jaa.. Why don't we try doing it? Heroes. "

Hina : " Why Heroes? "
And You got tsukomi again.

Yes Oobachan!! Chase them out! Let them go do their thing! Spread their rainbows! Be idiots!

" What will happen to them from now on I wonder… "
And our trusty TV from the future show the predictions for today. Usually I don't believe in them but this TV have been spot on. Plus it's from the future.

" It can only be Heroes. " Not giving up yet, Yoko?
" We can't appear in movies as Heroes! " Oh yes you can, Tacchon!

" These people's future will have a big change. Lucky Color is.. Black, Orange, Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Green. If all colours can be assembled, big things will happen. "
Go trusty TV!!

As our boys walk away, Oobachan sees them from the distance. And spotted the colors said.

Black shirt, Orange berms, Blue shirt, Purple singlet, Red berms, Yellow shirt, Green berms.

Oobachan : " Ah.. Homma ya. The future might be changed. "










I love it that they just calmly walk out instead of appearing with a boom or from below. It gives me a " We are Kanjani 8. " feel rather then " It's started or let's start " kind of feeling.

And of course, the best live song of all times : 大阪ロマネスク Osaka Romanesque.
Yay Suba!!!

I love this shot, I have no idea why…

What are you kicking in the mindle of 大阪ロマネスク Yasu?

Kake dashita kimi no senaka ga kieta umeda eki

Kake dashita kimi no senaka ga kieta umeda eki

Kono machi no kotoba ranbou to itta ne

Demo boku wa kaenai yo

Love me a group picture.

"Suki ya" to iu kara

"Suki ya" to iu kara
Yasu! To tell the truth, I prefer this hair a lot than the mushroom…

Won't be doing this for all the songs. Since this is the opening and it's 大阪ロマネスク  (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) I'm screen capping all the members even if they had been introduced in the beginning clip.

And cute Kura doing a shake at the end of the song. Have I mention I love his hair?

No, it's not 見せてくれ Misetekure, it's 無責任ヒーロー Musekinin Hero!! Jya jya jya jyan!!
" Let's go Eighter!!! "

Love this song and it's crack PV!! Never fails to bring everyone to the highest level!!
(●´∀`●) Everyone fits nicely in between the pillars (What the heck am I noticing).

Nothing says Let's Go better then some fireworks!!

Let's bring down the DOME Kanjani 8!!
And in case you think most of the caps are smoky, it's not smoke, it's rain.

And it's not exactly small. But then again, it's Kanjani 8. What's rain to them?

PAANN! In fact Maru make the best of it and slides all the way to the end!
You can't believe the amount of sliding going on in this con! And bless Maru, he's giving fan service as he slides along!

Yay yay yay yay! Let's get high people!!

Zenryoku zenshin jya jya jya jyan!!

Don't be shocked, join Yasu!!

Oira densetsu no musekinin hero~!
Let's fly!

AH! Look at Baru go!! I got a good cap by accident!!   (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

がんばれ日本! Ganbare Nippon!

And one of cute Yoko!

AHHHH. Bias totally showing, I'm so sorry.

ズッコケ男道 Zukkoke Otokomichi!!
Too many cute things happening all at once in this songs as Eito rides the carts around the Dome! I wanted to screen cap the faces when they faced the camera at a close distance but the back light is way too bright… ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ You could hardly see their faces at all.

A high tension Yoko!


Don't jump Kura!! I'm not there to catch you! (ι´Д`)ノ

Here's the formation for the carts. Have I mention how awesome Maru is?

This is what I meant about back light, but this is a rare Ryo's expression that I just have to put it up.

Towels! You know what this means…
T.W.L!! Buttshake!!

I really want to be there and swing that towel of mine!!!
Ah~ Ah~ Ah ah ah ah~

What? What did you say to Kura, Yasu?

Hina was the very 1st to swing his towel along with everyone. And he kept at it!
ARGH! T.W.L!! So many feelings! I want my towel!!

Suba and Yoko! Swing that towel!!

And yes, Baru is doing that again. (*゚ノO゚) Hitting his towel under him repeatedly. Take care of that area Baru! You're gonna have very cute kids someday!! Soon I hope.

Can't get enough of epic towel swing!! Love the swing and the excitement with it!

So high despite the rain!

Why so cute Yasu, you almost made me forget my towel..

No Baru, don't jump! What's with the trend of jumping off carts with you guys? First Kura, now Baru?

Epic epic towel swing by Hina!!

Of course, we can't forget the part where Ryo *fakes* plays his harmonica. Sorry about the blurry pictures, these guys are moving way too much.

Oh no, epic towel song coming to an end…

Can't forget about Maru's towel swinging!

Sing Yoko, Sing!

Swing swing swing that towel!!

And… FAN SERVICE!!! Free Eitos' Towels!!

Eito self introduction. And as always, Hina ask for male Eighters and what a noise! From here, you know what's coming next…

LIFE ~目の前の向こうへ~ LIFE ~Me no mae no mukou e~!! Here's comes the Eito band!!

Oh Baru, your vocal never fails to amaze me. And the shots here are beautiful.
Mou issai mou issai kurikaerazu ni ayumi tsuzuketai Mada mada owaranai kara.

All of them change once in band mode. カッコイイ!!

Can't get enough of our drummer~

Kura's voice is as beautiful as ever.

Can't forget our bongos!

愛でした。 Ai deshita.

Awesome Yasu is awesome Yasu.

I love it when Baru curls the wire around himself and just sings the heck out of a song. Our boys are in extremely good form despite the rain and all.

Again, the shots are beautiful.

Heavenly Psycho. Different from  愛でした, Ai deshita, they start this song gently.

As they play on, the screen shows the past and present Eito, side by side from the previous performance.

They certainly change a lot and not at all, haven't they? I really love the tone they take on this live version, it sounds really really gentle as compared…

A very rare back shot.

And a sultry and gentle bridge by Kura.

This DVD have some sweeping shots like this that makes me very very proud of our boys.


And with this, Heavenly Psycho ends.

ツブサニコイ Tsubusa ni Koi.

Baru starts the song that is one of the best band number.

I like it that Ryo changes guiter according to the songs.

Mura is so different when he plays the bass.

This song is beautiful.

And Yoko does actually contributes to whole feel of the music.

I like it that they keep the changing of the clothing to a minimum, they just took off the jackets. I know some fans don't like the pink but I think it doesn't look too bad.
To be continue as the next part is Eito Ranger. It is going to need a post on it's own since it's EPIC.

Oh yes, I tend to jump nicknames around even though it's the same person (Kura, Tacchon, Tatsu / Suba, Baru / You, Yoko, Yuchin) since I call them by different nicknames according to what I feel at the moment.

This took me a long time to write ―(T_T)→ I have no idea it's so difficult. Any mistake spotted?