Review on ANA Planes

Yes, I'm back from my trip!!
I have to say, it's a blast and a bastard of a trip. I'm so glad I did it!

I am planning to do a post on my trip with pictures but just thinking about doing a long post about a 15 days trip sounds just too tiring for me. Yes, if you haven't figured out by now, I'm really lazy and not of the blog-a-lot type.

Which is why, by breaking it all down into tiny little parts, I just might be able to do it!

Which comes to the very first and foremost part, the plane.

All Nippon Airways. That's the one I travelled on. Do beware though, I am talking about the economy class and not like the other reviews of those fancy first class cabin.

The Review

The experience is so extraordinary bad. I'm not kidding. I have better experience in budget airlines than this considering how much I paid for this. Well, in other words, not taking ANA again.

The problem does not lies in the service though… that's tricky, depending on the person involved. Do note that all personnel are Japanese, whose level of english would be questioned considering they are working in Singapore. But it's fine with me, since I am getting the entire japan experience before I even fly! Checking in is a breeze since ANA does auto check-ins a day before and other then the single bombarded-by-a-wall-of-japanese-in-turbo-speed scene faced by my friend (to be fair, she did thought my friend's japanese, which gave us a hint that we might be able to blend in in japan provided if we do not open our mouths and foreign words starts to leak out). So it's all good.

The problem does not lies with the food either. It's okay. Not wow-it's- delicious but it's not bad. Might be me though, since I had always enjoy any airline's meals.

So it's not the service…
It's not the food…


It's the seats. ANA have the worst possible chairs in history. Considering it's a 6.5hrs flight at midnight, the horror of those chairs are amplified.
You see, normal airplanes' seats, yes even budget airlines, have chairs that allow you to lean backwards. This provide relief and certain comforts that could allow you to have a rather nice sleep while you fly over half the world.

Now, ANA's chairs, they move forward. And the back doesn't follow. Not getting it?

vs ana

Now do you get it?
First I though it's a good design as you can go as far as you want without worrying you did hit or annoy the person sitting behind you. That is until I realize that the back does not slide forward along with the seat.

So now you have a longer seat with a straight back. *facepalms* Worst sleeping position ever. There's is really no way you can adjust to make make yourself comfortable enough to actually sleep. Really. I tried. Worst comes to worst, I did the this :

crash test dummy

Yes, I became a crash test dummy. Don't laugh, this position actually allows me a couple of minuets of sleep before I asphyxiated from all that cotton.
It was then in my sleep deprived state that makes me wonder.. If this works, why wouldn't classroom work?

Definition of classroom : Leaning forward to sleep on the desk, an experience almost everyone had.

Good news!! That works the best of all!! I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep!

slepping on plane

It's actually better then you think cause I did sleep after all. But it works lesser on the flights back.

So now I'm wondering, is it just our flights or is all ANA planes build that way? If that's the case, they really need to rethink the arrangements. Because it sucks. Really badly.

On the other hand, the domastic flights I took was ANA planes as well but those, even if they are on a smaller scale, have seats that leans back. HUH.

Reviews and photo of the trip coming soon providing I'm not feeling lazy (which is most of the time)!


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