Trip to Japan : Day 3


Day 3!!
It's the day of Akihabara + Harajuku.

It's also the day in which we found out that no matter how many onigiris we glomp in our hotel room pior to heading out, we can never muster the strength to do anything unless we get our breakfast outside before starting.

Which is why our first stop is the-all-famous Gundam cafe in Akihabara!!
It's rather easy to find, a stone's throw from the station. Forgive the missing pictures, I just can't muster up any strength.
Anyway, once you enter, you'll be guided to your seats. They do have waiter/waitress trained in english so it's easier then usual. They'll most likely hand you an english menu so for those who want to know the Japanese names of the dishes, you'll have to wait till you're at the counter to order.

The table. With our drinks.

Our number tag.

How adorable is this?

KK ordered latte.

It comes with Haro's cacao form!

BP's Meal. Cream sauce Humburg with pasta as a side dish + rice combo.

Mine. Hayashi rice with Haro's (?) face if I'm correct…

KK's. Hamburg with pasta as a side dish + garlic bread.

Full View.

They all taste pretty okay though really pretty to look at. For those Gundam fans, like KK, will realize what they are supposed to be but for those non-fans like me will most likely be clueless and just take them as an artform. Sorry about not taking any pictures of the interior of the cafe cause I feel really awkward to go around taking picture while others are sitting just next to where you are snapping away just eating. People are doing it but it's just me. It's morning + I haven't got my breakfast yet + not many people (so most eyes will be zooming on you). So for those who wanna know how the interior decor is like, go visit.

Ohhh. KK took pictures!

From where we're sitting.

Point of attention : Glass Door.

Their gift shop is right next to the cafe so do take a peek. They offer loads of cute stuff that ranges from food ~ umbrellas. KK when slightly nuts there.

Yes, they sell Gundam dorayaki.

Unfortunately, it had been raining since morning and it's not letting up any time soon. So we actually walk through Akihabara in the rain. Not the best condition. Plus I'm bad and grumpy with rainy days. So I need to apologize to both KK and BP cause I am literally bringing down the mood.
KK wanted a Nintendo 3DS and heard that it's cheaper to get it in Japan. Region-lock be damned but she mostly plays japanese games anyway so it's not a bother. We compared a few prices and found out that a brand new 3DS is not much different from a 2nd-handed one.

I loved the fact that there's 2nd-hand games just about everywhere. Since my DS lite is still working fine (plus there's no region-lock on that one), I'm free to go crazy getting all the games. I got a couple of Kindaichi, plus one with a crossover with Conan, 1 Layton and even the Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2 which is not released in english for a very good price! Most of the games are about ¥1600+ (~$20) so it's cheap!!

We also ticked off KFC from our list of 'Fast-food to try in Japan'. Hurray!

After which we went to Harajuku!! The rain stopped and I'm finally waking up from my moody self.
Takeshita Dori is awesome! Once you step out from the station, the street in front of you is it. There are millions of clothes and the style ranges from everywhere to everywhere! Not to mention most of it is cheap! Think ¥1800.

I got this for ¥1600. It's comfy enough.

It has always been my dream to get to wear this kind of shoes as the weather in Singapore is way too hot and humid to do so. Mission accomplished!!

We also found the world's best omurice in this street as well. ¥1900 for a set meal. You get to customise your omurice + drink + salad + soup + dessert! But the main point is that it's delicious!! It's really good! That said, I'm really not too fond of taking pictures of food and usually dives stright into eating so I'm afraid there's no pictures regarding this heavenly omurice.

We are supposed to go to Laforet as well but I spend all my money on the street and all the shopping bags are getting heavy so we left for home/hotel.

And with that day 3's a wrap!

Ps :

Gari Gari Rich. Napoleon flavour.

Try it at your own risk. I got KK to buy it for me as a bet and it fired back on me. It's horrible. Like tomato stew frozen with chuncks of frozen tomato in it.


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