Trip to Japan : Day 5

And it's time for 大阪 OSAKA!!!

Our flight was at 9am so we had to wake up earlier. Cue my bad temper. Seriously, if it's not these 2, I'm killed a million times over for my behavior. I love you guys.
We then push our huge luggage towards the MRT station and started heading towards Haneda Airport. I'm just glad it's not Narita's. We quickly got checked-in (thanks to ANA auto check-ins again) and immediately went into the boarding gates. It was then while waiting for our flights we started buying a few editable Tokyo omiyages.

Tokyo Bananas… Sweet and not really all our cups of tea.

See the blue box? I fogot the name but it's thrice as good.

In the plane we go!

We arrive on time (all our flights were either on time or earlier, I'm amazed) at a mere 10.20am.
Even though our Suika cards works in Tokyo, we went and got the Icoca + Haruka (Limited Express train design to bring you from the airport to the city, kinda like shinkansen) as the price works out in our favor (and the odds as well).

On the train.

Once out, we pulled our huge ass luggage and attempt to board another line in order to reach our hotel. Why are there so many stairs in Japan? I mean look at all the old people!
Anyway, we learned our lessons from Tokyo and while BB had the strength the carry her luggage down, me and KK held each end of my luggage and started desending slowly. After 2 steps or 3, we heard a voice.

" 大丈夫ですか?”  " Do you need help? "
" Eh?? "

No one ever offered a hand like this in Tokyo. Literally. His hand was out, already waiting for the handle of my luggage. Did I mention he's handsome and cool? You'll always be that in my heart. We gladly took his offer to help and passed him our luggage while me and KK took hers. Now we don't have to do this twice. There was an Uncle with me.

" Sorry I'm old so I don't have the strength but I'll help with your small travels bags! "

It was during that we found out the uncle is from Taiwan. Osaka, you and your warm welcome. I'm already biase against you so there's really no need~
I am not saying Tokyo's cold, but really, there are some striking difference. In Tokyo, people are walking up and down the stairs right next to us as we struggle with our luggage yet no one offered a hand. (I'm not implying that I'm waiting for help) In Osaka, where there's only the 3 of us walking down the stairs, we got help.

Another thing, people talk on trains in Osaka. Softly but yes, they do. It do not have the stifing silence the trains in Tokyo have. We can finally squee softly and discuss about our destination. Ah Osaka. I just barely stepped into you and I'm ready to die for you.

Nishinakajima-Minamigata (phew) arrived and we started heading towards our hotel. It's just a traffic light away. Once checked-in and we rested a little, we head off to Umeda.

There's nothing much in Umeda but we did went to the Pokemon Centre!

Pikachu!! Pika pika!

In case it's not clear enough.

That's it for day 5!