Trip to Japan : Day 6

Hi There.

I know I said about skipping day 6 but I just recently finished editing every single picture I took on this trip + some. It’s the ‘+ some’, pictures KK took, that I found some pictures of Shinsaibashi 心斎橋 hence this tiny post.

On a side note, I just migrated to wordpress. Because it seems to be prettier until I realized that to edit it nicer, I would need to fork over my money. Oh well, what’s done’s done.

Day 6 Agenda : Shopping

The header’s how Shinsaibashi 心斎橋 generally looks like. A long long long stretch of shops all the way till Dotonburi 道頓堀. Hence we went wild with shopping here. Here’s a disney shop here where I got my Dale push toy. It’s impossible to resist not buying him, I’m not kidding. Me & BB got 1 each.

There’s clothes, bags, pharmacy, books, everything you can think of, it’s here. Not figures though, those you’ll have to head over to Odaiba or Akihabara. Heck, there’s even a shop selling pianos.

No, there’s no pictures of us shopping because no one does that while shopping. You’ll twist your head trying to look at things + your camera.

So the next best thing : Food.

We went into a cafe with either ‘Fancy’ or ‘Perfect’ in it’s name that specialize in pancakes. Oh pancakes. Japan’s poisoned herself with it. It’s puking pancakes everywhere. Every. Freaking. Where. It’s either Starbucks-lite cafe or pancakes. No other choices. No matter where you turn there it is. Right in your face.
Sure, maybe we didn’t look hard enough, but we looked as hard as we could, any harder and it’s not worth the hassle.

So pancake it is.

I might get sick of seeing pancakes but this! This is the king of savory pancakes!

This, you muggles, is the king. Chili Bean Pancake + Sausage. It’s worth puking everything in you so you’ll have space for this. And as this is so awesome, we tried it’s brother.

cheesy pancake
Meet the brother. That’s way overshadowed by his brother.

There’s no fight. None at all. Chili Bean pawns it’s pancakeiness.
And then we continue shopping. What?

Then we checked off another from our Fastfood-In-Japan-To-Eat list, MOS Burger.

ebi burger
My Ebi Burger.

mos burger
My friends’… uh… other burgers.

Looks exactly as the pictures and taste.. well just slightly better then it’s Singaporean counterpart.

Then we shop some more… And then pancakes. Again.

The cafe this time round.


Our drinks

The pancake

It’s pretty meh, nothing earth-shattering this time round.

This’s the view outside the cafe, we’re on the 2nd floor.

There you go! Day 6. It’s nothing.


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