Trip to Japan : Day 10 & 11 & 12 & 13

Reason for clumping 4 days together : Shopping days
All these days are days we spend just walking around the area and doing mostly eating or shopping. More on eating.

I don’t bring my camera with me when we’re just strolling around and shopping cause really, what’s there to take of me shopping?

… Well yes, there’s the scenery and all but the camera’s heavy!

And so, most of the eating pictures are courtesy of KK.

Day 10 Agenda : Nara

ようこそ奈良へ。 Welcome to Nara.

That’s their mascot Sento-Kun. Yes, it makes children cry.

Which is why they changed it to Shikamaro Kun instead.

Shikamaro Kun
Shikamaro Kun

I brought many souvenirs of this cute little guy.

Yes, we’re going to the Deers infested park in Nara! Cause it’s famous for it.
Nara = Deers
So yes, we’re going to see wild deers.

But first, like always, breakfast.
We arrived around 11pm but apparently it’s considered early in Nara as most shops/eatery was closed. We found a place that that opens at 11.30am so we decided to wait out the few minuets. Once it opened, we went in to become the 1st patrons of the day.

It’s a western cafe and BP and I ordered Pasta while KK got Risotto. We then each ordered a drink as well as desert (ICE CREAM!). No, it’s not too heavy for breakfast. Did you look at the time? It’s 11.30am! It’s almost BRUNCH.

Why am I going into details for this? Because they treated us to desert! When we went out of the store to break the total into 3, we then noticed they did not bill us for the desert! It’s already very good but now it’s mind blowing delicious. I’m pretty sure they did not missed charging us but simply decided to treat us without even telling us about it. Oh you Japanese.

Oh yes, deers.

Well after that wonderful breakfast, we went on our way to the park where wild deers roam about. Do take notice of the vending machines around as they provide an option where you can make a donation to the park. We did, ¥100 each. Yes, through a vending machine.

Map of the area in the station.

Beware of jumping deers
Do not kill deers that will suddenly jump in front of your car.

The park with sakuras and deers.

BP with Deer
No, it’s not a statue.

Feeding is allowed with Deer Senbei.

There are carts that sells these Senbei that are for feeding the Deers. I’m not exactly sure if you can feed them other food but going along would be the safest bet.

Do aware that would be an animal smell that hung around then entire park and it’s not exactly pleasing. In fact, the first respond from us is ” My GOODNESS is it smelly in here! “.

BP & KK with a deer.


That’s about it actually. Well, I did take a lot of shots of deer’s butt as their tails are so cute but that’s my obsession so I’m not sharing.

Yes, we did not really explore Nara after the park. I think we head somewhere else to spend the rest of the day.

Day 11 & 12 Agenda : Somewhere

Writing this 1 year later do not help my memories. My itinerary says that we went to Nippombashi & Tennoji so we must had headed there.

Anywhere, it’s all shopping and eating and shopping and eating and shopping and eating.

We went to a market near to where the station exit was. I’m not exactly sure when this happened.



I have no idea why we went in there but we did. We then spotted a small stall that only serves about 3 ~ 5 people, all counter seats, selling curry rice. Flipping up the cloth covering the store, we entered and ordered. Beef curry for KK & me, spicy chicken curry for BP.

It was really good. We ate and chatted a little with the owner before going on our way.

During one of the days, we went into a giant mall that is newly open. I can’t remember what the name of the mall was.

The very 1st photo about the mall. FOOD.

All of us choose the same set, 福コース The Fortune Course. Everything you see in the picture is in the course.

Tip coming. When you eat at Japanese restaurant and sees a stand with a book facing outside unmanned, take a look to see if there’s a list of people’s names and phone numbers. Because sometimes, it’s all self serviced. We sat waiting for a while before seeing someone went up to the book, wrote the name and number of persons down and left.

It was then we knew that we missed a step. We’re going to be waiting for ever and not gonna be called cause we’re not on the waiting list. We fixed that, informed another tourist about this system and not before long, our names were called.

We then ordered and waited for our meals to come.

Food. Part of the course. The main dish.

It’s quite good provided you don’t order the wrong kind of rice. I got the sakura prawns rice set and it delish! But both BP & KK thinks it’s too heavy on the prawns.

We then walk around a bit, shopped a bit, played a bit and we reached B1. There was a fair going on selling all kinds of things and we look around.

Our haul.

We wanted the mikan ones but they were all sold out so we got the normal strawberry daifuku. There were 2 sizes available, normal and huge. KK and I went for the normal ones, BP went for the huge one. You can see the difference in the photo above.

The strawberries were so sweet!

We then head back to the area near our hotel and went looking for MOS Burger that we spotted some time ago.

Mos Burger
My Ebi Burger

Other burgers
BP & KK’s burgers.


Yep, with this, we were close to completing our list of Fast-Food-To-Eat-In-Japan.

We did caught a movie on one of the days. It was all automated for the tickets.

Day 13 Agenda : Namba

Now this I remember.

Dotonbori. See the giant crab?

We are at the entrance of Dotonbori, where craziness starts. It’s a food street so we’ll most likely be eating though it.

Anyway, we are craving for crabs so we just entered the restaurant with the giant crab outside.


Table Set up
Table Set up.

1st dish
1st Dish.

Crab Chawamushi
Crab Chawamushi

Crab Cream Korokke
Crab Cream Korokke

Crab Gratin
Crab Gratin

Crab Zushi
Crab Zushi

Safe to say we were stuffed! It was so good! The course cost about ¥2800+ and was definitely cheaper than what you can find in Singapore. Now, time for some walking.






You see what I see?

There was an arcade where the 1st floor was filled with UFO machines. We were a bit hooked on it ever since we reached Japan as their prizes were to die for and it’s not impossible to win at it. Previously, within 3 tried, KK got me a 1.5m Pluto plush toy (she got lucky, lol) and on another day, I got BP a 1.5m cute bunny plush toy.

However, the real draw of the machines were all the figurines. I got myself a Chopper “Cry Heart” series at the mall where I am waiting for the movie to start.

The one I got.

Most of the machines cost ¥100 per try, however, if you insert ¥500, you get 6 tries instead. We often go for that one. The store we were in stocked up on some of the best figurines ever and we spend quite some time in there. It helps that the staff, let’s call him Peter, there was so helpful!

He often gave tips on how to push-drop it and will even help to shift all the unused credits to another machine! BP tried for a Mikasa “Clash of the Titans” figurine and gave up after a while. Peter came over to me in a panic.

” She gave up! Please help me tell her not to give up! ” I laughed and went over. BP said she spend ¥2000 and don’t wish to spend anymore. I shrugged and gave a surrender sign to Peter before going back to my machine where KK was trying to get me a Brook Figurine.

Who knew, that Peter would go over and offered a small Mike and Sully keychain figures to BP to thank her for playing?? Japanese service at it’s finest! BP later kept on commenting that he was the handsome-est man on earth she ever seen. LOL. Well, I thought the same thing though. His heart just shines so brightly!

Anyway, after a small struggle with Brook, KK finally got him and we had remaining credits. Oh what the hell, let’s just move them over to the Mikasa Machine and I’ll fished her out!

Hehe. I did it. Peter, being the handsome one, shift the box into the position BP moved up till she gave up for us to continue on it. And we still had remaining credits. So we shifted them to a machine outside that had these Mickey Golden playing cards that KK had been trying for since Tokyo.

Those were difficult and we finished up all the remaining credits. Deciding we had a great haul, we went in to give a thanks to Peter for all that he had done and tell him we are going. He stopped us, went to the machine and shift the position of the cards for us! It was in such a position that 1 push would have done it in! He lived up to the name of being the most handsome man in the world!

We dropped a ¥500, thinking we need about 3 tries and damn, we got it on the 1st. So now we have another ¥400 credit remaining again. LOL. Let us start the cycle again!

Our hual
Our Haul.

Mikasa was the one I got for BP. Brook was the one KK got for me as a present. Izanagi from Person 4 was the one I got myself, the last one standing in that machine! And that’s the golden Mickey playing cards. Not shown here is a Sanji figurine I got from the same machine as Izanagi and Brook.

All in all, a great 3 days!


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