Trip to Japan : Day 14 & 15 END

Well well, finally it has come to an end after writing this for a year and procrastinating it time after time. But! All these travelogues are not done yet as I’m just back from a 5D4N trip to Japan. AGAIN. YAY.

Day 14 Agenda : Kobe

It’s Kobe time! The main reason for visiting was that we wanted to eat Kobe beef in Kobe.

We took the train over and arrived at Kobe. Due to no planning, we had no idea where to go so we simply walk in one direction until we spotted a mall and that’s where we stayed till we went back.

There’s a museum in Kobe but sad to say we did not visit it.

This is the mall.

First thing first, breakkie. We walked into a Sukiyaki restaurant and ordered a set each that contains our main reason : Kobe Beef.

Our breakfast.

You are to dip the meat into the egg, treating it as a sauce. Don’t worry, the egg is safe to consume raw.

Us and breakkie
Us with breakfast.
What do you mean it’s too heavy? Nonsense.

To torment you

The sides are meh. Looks pretty though.

And so after that, we took a walk around the mall, yes shopping again.



We also found a bubble tea shop here! Of course we had to get a cuppa milk tea with pearls.

MAH. It taste horrible to me. It seems like they do not have pure milk tea, instead it tasted like carmel milk tea. With pearls. How sweet do they want that thing to be?? Needless to say, I refused to drink another mouthful.

After walking around a bit more, we decided to head back to catch a special variety show (TORE) instead and also to get our supper in an Izakaya, one on our must-eat list. And that’s how our day ended.

Day 15 Agenda : BACK HOME

NOooooooooo. It’s too fast! It had been way too fast! The days just flies like nobody’s business! =-=

All packed.
Luggage all packed.

So we woke up around 9.30am, do some last minute of packing before receiving a call from the front desk saying that we’re due to check out today.

BP : Yes, we’re packing up. Check out is 12pm right?
BP : ….
BP : EH?! It’s 11am??
BP : I’m so sorry! We’re coming right down now!

Yes, that last bit of news send us all into a frenzy as we started to cramped everything into our luggage and also do last minute check up to make sure we did not miss anything. After that, we rush down to check out.

Then KK realised she left her scarf in the room and had to dash upstairs to grab it while we store our luggage in the lobby to pick it up later for our flight at 7.55pm.

After all that, we were starving so we head back to where we know contains the most food, Dontonbori.

Last Breakfast - Tonkatsu
Last breakfast – Tonkatsu.

Our last item on our must-eat list.


Our rice is served in a bucket.

Finished every last bit.

Then we proceeded back to Shinsaibashi to walk around. Our luggage is full to the max so we know we can’t shop any more so we simply did some window-shopping and arcade playing. I caught both Law and Sanji from One piece to add to my collection.

Around 5pm, we went back to our hotel, grab our huge ass luggages and started making our way to Kansai Airport. We had a connecting flight over to Haneda Airport where we have to move to Narita Airport and from there back to Singapore.

Checked in and yep, our luggages were overweight. We paid the extra fees as we had no way of taking the extra 1kg on us as our hand-held luggages were already at the 10kg limit. After that, we made our way over to the restaurants and selected pasta for our dinner.

We had about 40mins left to our boarding time so we thought it would be enough. None of us are slow eaters. What we did not expect was that the service was slow. We had only left about 20mins before the salad arrived. We finished that in 2mins and not soon after, our pasta arrived. Mine arrived first so I had a head start.

All of us just slurped up our pasta, (we did taste it properly, it was delicious) in about 5mins we were done.

The funny thing was, there were 2 girls sitting opposite us and after I was done, one lean over to another and started whispering excitedly. It was hilarious. Yes, 5mins was really an awesome feat.

We then paid and rush over to our boarding gate. It’s was about 1hr 20mins flight over to Narita where we had another 1hr 30mins stopover before continuing to Singapore.

At Narita Airport, we made our way over to the connecting flight. On the way over, there were millions of omiyage shops selling all kinds of food so we each got something. Okay, maybe a lot more. Royce was so cheap.

As the pasta portions were small, we started feeling peckish so we headed towards anywhere that was still open.

We got pizza to share!

I still had money left to burn so while waiting for our Pizza, I went to 7-11 to grab ¥6000 iTunes card. I hold a Singapore account, America account and a Japan account. Now I can get games and magazine from Japan iTunes!

So yeah, after that we boarded the plane, got tortured by the fixed-back seating and arrived in Singapore where we took a Taxi home. Helps that we all live within 15mins distance between each other.

And that’s that! Look forward to the new set of my Japan travelogue soon!


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