The Forgotten Temple Review

Have you ever played any escape games before?

If not, you should! In boring old Singapore, it is one of the activities that breaks the mould of watching movies / singing karaoke / bowling and blah blah blah.

Escape games started out as digital games, either online or on portable devices. Basically, you are locked in a room and you will have to find clues and tools to aid you from escaping.

I first found out about real escape games when ‘The Real Escape Game’ came by. But that involves mostly sitting in a room with others and solving puzzles one after another with minimal movements.

That was when I craved for real escape game ala the ones like you played online, being locked in a room and having to scrounge for tools to break out.

Then one day, by chance, at Clarke Quay, I was handed a flyer by an employee of the newly opened I was ecstatic in finding out that they provides THE REAL escapes games I was looking for!

And I never turned back.
Or return to ‘The Real Escape Game’.

After breaking 5 of their rooms, only 1 of which I failed at breaking out (with only the 2 of us, we made it until the very end till our lack of music talent betrayed us), I completed all of their games and was on other companies escapes games, trying to find one of which matches the calibre of rooms.

One thing about is that their rooms are always not what they seems. The answer to solving some of the puzzles may be just right in front of you (I learned that the hard way) so it teaches us to think out of the boxes.
You also get to solve multiple puzzles at any one time instead of a linear format in which you have to solve puzzles one by one.
And there are always hidden rooms. ALWAYS. (Well… Apart from 1 room..)

So when they announced that they are adding rooms and changing up the old rooms and having new games, imagine my joy!

Which finally brings us to the main point of this post.

The Forgotten Temple is one of the newest room made available to

Taken from site :
Archaeologists claimed to have discovered an ancient temple that has been forgotten for centuries. All the tomb raiders are now trying to locate it but you seem to be the first to find it after a long search. Will you be able to find any treasures before the others reach?

I rate the difficulty level to be around 3 – 3.5 stars depending on your experiences in playing in escape games.

Suitable for 3 – 8 players but I would recommend around 4 -5 players as too many cooks will spoilt the broth. The room is not too big so having too many players around will only hinder one another. The puzzles are not to the level where you would need more then 3 brains to solve.

We solved it with a group of 4 with 2 calls for hints.
(Only 1 call was really a cry for help, the other was just a misunderstanding on our part)

The first thing you would think once you step into the room is that it is beautifully designed! The walls, the flooring, the furniture are all close to the theme of an archaeology dig site or a forgotten temple, even if it’s a bit of a modern one.

They had also incorporate new gameplay that uses technology in way that amazes me! I had not had so much fun in playing an escape game in such a long time!

It’s not just puzzles, you need to use some strength and also there are things that test your coordination and memory as well.

Being an escape room, obviously I can’t spoilt you with details but rest assured that this is one room you need to experience!

It also seals the fact the has some of the best escape rooms ever!

Check them out now :


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