2015 Trip to Japan : Day 2

Hi! After a few weeks of not posting, I’m here with a new post! I’m trying to get this done within a year, unlike the previous one.

Today is going to be a busy day as we are set out for Harajuku (Omotesando) > Tsukiji > Harajuku (Omotesando) > Asakusa > Tokyo Sky Tree.

As my mum’s company is at Harajuku (Omotesando), we had to bring her over. I actually planned to let my dad sleep in while I bring my mum there but after deciding to get breakfast at Tsukiji, he came along as well.

Well…due to exiting the wrong exit, we got lost and took a while to find our way to the building. We then left mum to her business and started heading to Tsukiji for breakfast.

Day 2 : Tsukiji (13th May)

I decided on strolling through the outer market so that was where we headed. We got lost, again, because we went in the opposite direction.

Tip : After exiting the station, walk to your right instead of your left. You should be walking away from the 朝日新聞 (Asahi Shinbun) building instead of towards.

After crossing through a building, we were finally there!

Tsukiji Outer Market
People people everywhere.

Grilled Scallop / Hotate.

Looks too good so we got pulled into the queue. They take orders batch by batch which confused a lot of people so me and my dad were acting as a guide for quite a while, explaining the system.




I got to admit, I think the guy doing the grilling is cute.

Dad and Scallop
Dad with one of my scallop.

My dad ordered a raw oyster as well.

Close Up
Here’s a close up.

It tasted quite good actually. So after that, we walked around some more and snacked on some fried tofu like stuff. Those were so-so.


So we came across a stall selling daifuku and I had to get one cause I can’t resist me a good strawberry. The owner specially got a freshly made one for me so the strawberry stayed chilled.

Me with my huge Daifuku

Gobbled up soon after.

That was great! Next was fried sotong for my dad and when I went away to get a cone of maccha ice cream, he sneaked off to get a few more raw oyster. He was really doing quite well for someone who can’t speak Japanese.

Oysters that entice him.

More oysters shots.

He was so chummy with the seller that they were sharing smiles and laughter by the time I got there. The price for this stall was a lot cheaper (added plus : the oysters were huge!) then the previous scallop shop we went to so he was feeling a little cheated.

Many restaurants inside.

Rather sunny that day.


We spotted a long queue and wondered what it was. Turns out to be Takagoyaki on a stick from what it looks like a famous store. Being singaporeans, we joined in.

Holding my ice cream
That’s my ice cream.

There’s a lot of pictures taken with my dad’s phone so I’ll have to extract those. In the meantime, please use your imagination.

Got it.

Grilling the tamagoyaki.

Rolling in the egg~

Adding on the oroshi daikon…

Getting a seat at the side of the stall…

Time to eat!

Anyway, the tamagoyaki tasted a little too sweet for me, should have gotten the salty version. After that, we were really full from all the snacking so we headed back to Harajuku to meet with mum.

Takeshita Dori
Takeshita Dori.

A very very wonderful place to shop. I got socks while Dad got some stationary at Daiso. Like I said, I didn’t shop much because it’s simply weird to be shopping while being with your dad.

Kiddy Land
Kiddy Land.

Since we still had time, I went to Kiddy Land.

One of Tokyo’s most famous and popular toy stores, Kiddy Land has a fantastic selection of toys and other products to amuse kids, including a Snoopy Town and Hello Kitty Shop on a total of five floors. The Omotesando store was reopened in July 2012 after being reconstructed and redesigned.

Taken from Japan Guide.

I found a picture guide on how to get there : Here

So yeah, heard stories about it. Star Wars goods graced the entrance while I browsed around, getting a Nanoblock Kamen Rider Fourze and a soft, cuddly, very cute platypus plush toy.

Omotesando Metro
Omotesando Metro

Although we walked there, there’s a metro station as well. After meeting up with mum, we then headed over to Asakusa.

Day 2 : Asakusa (13th May)

It’s Kaminarimon (雷門) time! But first of all…

Must take picture
You see it? The thing I’m obsessed with?

The golden sperm!
The golden sperm!

I had to take this whenever I come across it cause it’s so hilarious. Okay, it’s ‘Asahi Flame’ designed by Philippe Starck the year I was born and had nothing to do with fertility.

Here’s the thing you have been waiting for.

Hold it!
Dad just had to hold it.

Back of Kaminarimon
The back.

The street
Nakamise Shopping Street.

It leads to the main grounds of Sensoji Temple and sells all sorts of stuff.


Nearing the temple
Nearing the temple would be another lantern.

Inner lantern
This one.

Notice the words are different.

Bottom of the lantern
The bottom of the lantern is revealed.

The Sensoji Temple.

You can see the Skytree from here.

A bit of a tiny one.
A bit of a tiny one.

After that little bit of sight seeing, we were going to conquer the SkyTree!

Asakusa Station
Asakusa Station.

Told you.
Told you.

Moomin Cafe
The famous Moomin Cafe, located just outside the Skytree station.

The Solarmachi, connecting mall, had a very confusing layout. And we got lost in it. I knew there were many restaurants inside but I simply can’t find it so we settled for Mac instead. I went off first, thinking of buying the tickets to go up to the observatory hall in advance but wow, the queue! I then noticed that after getting the tickets, you’ll be ushered up to the observatory hall so I abandoned that idea and simply wait for my parents to finished their meal before getting the tickets together.

Luckily, the queue shrink a lot when we got there. We only waited about 15mins before we got our tickets.


Elevator to Observatory Hall
Elevator to Observatory Hall

Up there!
Warning, ears are going to pop on the way up.

The view.

We were a lot higher up then when I was at the Tokyo Tower. Everything looked so tiny! The best suitation to use my ‘Toy’ camera mode!


3rd Birthday
SkyTree 3rd birthday!

Interaction Screen
Interaction monitor.

Rare non-filter view.

Toy mode
Toy mode.

Another rare non-filter view.

It’s a foggy day…

Close up
Close up.

Through the looking glass
Through the looking glass.

Look down!
Look down!

SkyTree Mascot.

It was dark when we left. We then managed to get the restaurants I had been looking for and got a great hotpot / nabe dinner before heading back.

Skytree night view
Can you see the light-up SkyTree?

And that’s it for Day 2!


Trip to Japan : Day 3


Day 3!!
It's the day of Akihabara + Harajuku.

It's also the day in which we found out that no matter how many onigiris we glomp in our hotel room pior to heading out, we can never muster the strength to do anything unless we get our breakfast outside before starting.

Which is why our first stop is the-all-famous Gundam cafe in Akihabara!!
It's rather easy to find, a stone's throw from the station. Forgive the missing pictures, I just can't muster up any strength.
Anyway, once you enter, you'll be guided to your seats. They do have waiter/waitress trained in english so it's easier then usual. They'll most likely hand you an english menu so for those who want to know the Japanese names of the dishes, you'll have to wait till you're at the counter to order.

The table. With our drinks.

Our number tag.

How adorable is this?

KK ordered latte.

It comes with Haro's cacao form!

BP's Meal. Cream sauce Humburg with pasta as a side dish + rice combo.

Mine. Hayashi rice with Haro's (?) face if I'm correct…

KK's. Hamburg with pasta as a side dish + garlic bread.

Full View.

They all taste pretty okay though really pretty to look at. For those Gundam fans, like KK, will realize what they are supposed to be but for those non-fans like me will most likely be clueless and just take them as an artform. Sorry about not taking any pictures of the interior of the cafe cause I feel really awkward to go around taking picture while others are sitting just next to where you are snapping away just eating. People are doing it but it's just me. It's morning + I haven't got my breakfast yet + not many people (so most eyes will be zooming on you). So for those who wanna know how the interior decor is like, go visit.

Ohhh. KK took pictures!

From where we're sitting.

Point of attention : Glass Door.

Their gift shop is right next to the cafe so do take a peek. They offer loads of cute stuff that ranges from food ~ umbrellas. KK when slightly nuts there.

Yes, they sell Gundam dorayaki.

Unfortunately, it had been raining since morning and it's not letting up any time soon. So we actually walk through Akihabara in the rain. Not the best condition. Plus I'm bad and grumpy with rainy days. So I need to apologize to both KK and BP cause I am literally bringing down the mood.
KK wanted a Nintendo 3DS and heard that it's cheaper to get it in Japan. Region-lock be damned but she mostly plays japanese games anyway so it's not a bother. We compared a few prices and found out that a brand new 3DS is not much different from a 2nd-handed one.

I loved the fact that there's 2nd-hand games just about everywhere. Since my DS lite is still working fine (plus there's no region-lock on that one), I'm free to go crazy getting all the games. I got a couple of Kindaichi, plus one with a crossover with Conan, 1 Layton and even the Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2 which is not released in english for a very good price! Most of the games are about ¥1600+ (~$20) so it's cheap!!

We also ticked off KFC from our list of 'Fast-food to try in Japan'. Hurray!

After which we went to Harajuku!! The rain stopped and I'm finally waking up from my moody self.
Takeshita Dori is awesome! Once you step out from the station, the street in front of you is it. There are millions of clothes and the style ranges from everywhere to everywhere! Not to mention most of it is cheap! Think ¥1800.

I got this for ¥1600. It's comfy enough.

It has always been my dream to get to wear this kind of shoes as the weather in Singapore is way too hot and humid to do so. Mission accomplished!!

We also found the world's best omurice in this street as well. ¥1900 for a set meal. You get to customise your omurice + drink + salad + soup + dessert! But the main point is that it's delicious!! It's really good! That said, I'm really not too fond of taking pictures of food and usually dives stright into eating so I'm afraid there's no pictures regarding this heavenly omurice.

We are supposed to go to Laforet as well but I spend all my money on the street and all the shopping bags are getting heavy so we left for home/hotel.

And with that day 3's a wrap!

Ps :

Gari Gari Rich. Napoleon flavour.

Try it at your own risk. I got KK to buy it for me as a bet and it fired back on me. It's horrible. Like tomato stew frozen with chuncks of frozen tomato in it.